50+ Container House Ideas The heat trends of shipping container homes meet much designs desires simple living, reducing chaos, being environmentally conscious, building homes with budget and the opportunity to do something truly modern and different that keeps your neighbor’s drops from falling. But there

50+ Modern Tropical Architecture Design There are 50 + Modern Tropical Architecture Design below The tropical style is one of the most popular styles in the world. When we say tropical, we immediately think of luxury, exotic beauty and hot summer days. The tropical style

50+ Amazing Modern Building Facade The facades of the buildings are the face of the city. Therefore, architects should pay more attention to the shape and color of the façade. The facade is very important and represents the building. The functionality of the building should

50+ Black Houses Exterior Imagine, someone introduces you and tells you to paint the outside of your house completely BLACK! You probably would answer that person with a big “what”? it looks crazy The sound of an all-black home seems rather strange, but in reality,

25+ Luxury Homes Exterior Design A house shall be inhabited; It’s just a fact, but you have to think about the outside of your house. For one, the drive into a beautiful house after a hard day makes the whole business worthwhile. Practical, with an

20+ European Homes Exterior Design European-style houses borrow materials and exterior details that are common to French, British, and Mediterranean architectural traditions. This style is very popular today because of the luxuries delivered by the very many roof lines, bay windows and rooms, and architectural

Outdoor Living Room on A Budget If you dream of an outdoor retreat at your living room, but the money is scarce, get exceptional design ideas from these canopies, terraces, decks, and gardens. Outdoor living room with eclectic Patio. Here is the combination of new