Balcony Garden Apartments Many individuals would love to garden unfortunately do not have the opportunity if they live in an apartment. If there is, a possibility that they have a balcony though there is no reason why they cannot make their own mini balcony garden

50+ Studio Apartment Layout Studio apartments are a recent phenomenon and are intended for singles, professionals, and students who cannot afford expensive big apartments. Since the room is small, space is the biggest problem. Studio apartments are meant for giving comfort to the inhabitants. Those

50+ Apartment One Room Layout About One Room Apartment 50+ Apartment One Room Layout. A studio apartment is a mini apartment with a living room that is combined with a bedroom and dining area. Some may even have a kitchen. The larger studio apartment rentals

50+ Awesome Patio Apartment Ideas Give a comfortable look and arm to your balcony by adding sofas, a small coffee table, and a wooden themed wall. Try to choose colors that are not too sharp but are cool in the eyes. These colors are easier

50+ Home Decor Ideas Apartment When we are Living in a small apartment, or in an older home with tiny rooms, can present a lil bit challenge: how to make the limited space seem larger and spacious. Just read this article, then try these easy