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Home Exterior Paint

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Home Exterior Paint

Painting your home’s exterior is a great way to make your home appear brand new. Because every home is different, there may be multiple solutions for choosing the right colors. Sometimes homes have attributes that can either be fixed or flaunted with a good paint job. The colors are the key to a successful exterior home makeover.

Your home exterior painting project can create a sometimes much-needed new look to your home. Houses that receive a lot of sunlight and undergo seasons with very different weather are good candidates for light and pastel colors. The light and shade will provide an ever changing color to your home, almost as if the house changes with the seasons. Light colors also soften the appearance of homes that have dramatic detail on their exteriors.

Many people don’t use dark colors for their home exterior painting project because they absorb light and can make a house appear smaller. For those brave souls who do, however, dark colors can also give your home great depth. It can always be contrasted with lighter colors on the trim. Midtones are the most popular. They give homes a warm look and are easy to pair with a variety of trim colors.

The tones that you choose for your home exterior painting project should hide your home’s flaws and flaunt its strengths. Make sure you have fully assessed your home’s shape and dimensions before picking your colors. A gorgeous, unique home that you didn’t know existed is waiting for you.

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