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Tropical Homes Designs

Tropical Home Decor – Create Your Own Tropical Haven!

Tropical Homes Designs. If you are thinking of creating a Tropical haven at home, you will be catching on to a trend that has been growing immensely over the past few years. People connect the tropical theme with warmth, sun, sand, lush vegetation and balmy water. And with the hectic and stressful lives nowadays, everybody loves to be able to bring some of that special tranquility back into their lives.

You can transform your home into a relaxing, soothing and tranquil oasis and recreate this holiday feeling by choosing the right Tropical Home décor. It has never been easier to add a tropical touch to your home, since there are literally hundreds of thousands of tropical themed items on offer, in various colors and patterns. The hardest part of transforming your home will be a huge amount of choice and to make your décor work well together to look in harmony.

But where do you start? What will look good? How can you bring the Tropics into your home without the effect being too strong? What are the basic color schemes and patterns that determine the Tropical look, and how can you sprinkle Tropical Home décor throughout your living space without it looking tacky or overdone?

Here are a few tips that will help you on your way of transforming your home with Tropical Home décor:

  • Neutral Colors should be the foundation of any tropical themed home décor. These include beige, tan, camel, different green tones, deep brown, soft gold, ivory, and pale yellows. You can even add muted red tones, but just to accentuate the theme. These colors should be found on your floors, walls, in your furniture and window coverings.
  • An absolute must to incorporate in Tropical Home décor are natural materials like bamboo, wicker, rattan or even grasscloth. Their texture and pattern will look stunning and in tune with nature, and they elude natural comfort and have very good durability. Again, use these materials in your furniture, window coverings, floors, and walls, or even some of your ornaments, like bowls and pictures.
  • To add the special Tropical touch you can’t do without plants. Any broadleaf plants, and of course palm trees will bring the tropics straight into your house. Group them together for a jungle like an effect, or have bigger single plants take center stage in strategic spots. With clever lighting from underneath, they will play a big part in the transformation!
  • Use animal designs and images of the wild in your Tropical Home décor accents around the house. They can be in the fabrics you use – always soft and supple, maybe some cushions, or an ottoman, with a zebra or leopard print. Place animal images (figurines, pictures, etc.) throughout – they can be bright in color (think of colorful parrots or tropical flowers).

In general, you should keep small accessories to a minimum. They can make the house feel cluttered. Rather have a few bold, bigger accessories to keep the feeling of calm. It is important to keep to horizontal lines, as they suggest the relaxation and calmness that is so important within Tropical Home décor.

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