Cozy Outdoor Rooms Pergolas

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Cozy Outdoor Rooms Pergolas

A wooden pergola is a great way to add an outdoor room to your property. There is nothing more refreshing than having a place that is semi-covered while still open enough for you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. A semi-covered structure is also beneficial for outdoor entertaining. Pergolas provide a reasonable amount of shade which can help keep you and your guests cool in the summer.

The shade can also be helpful for growing plants that do not grow well under direct sunlight. There are many outdoor structures that provide cover but a pergola seems to be a popular choice for people who want to be both indoors and outdoors at the same time. There is nothing more refreshing than being outdoors but still having the same comforts that an indoor room can bring.

The term pergola can refer to many different types of outdoor structures. The most popular design has a top consisting of beams that cross each other and four posts as support. Pergolas can be freestanding and placed anywhere on your property or be installed adjacent to your home over, for instance, an existing patio. If you have an awning or carport that is not being used you can remove it and replace it with an attractive patio pergola which will make space seem more inviting and so much more functional.

Pergolas can be made of many different materials but none can be as attractive as a real wood structure. The wood makes the structure look more substantial and sturdy. Wooden structures also look better when surrounded by greenery. If you plant vines or other climbing plants around your structure they will take well to the surface of the wood and use it for support as they climb up the structure. Plating such greenery will help your outdoor space feel more like an oasis versus just another room. The peace and tranquility of your new room can also be enhanced with comfortable seating and other personal touches like an outdoor rug, colorful pillows, and accents.

You can find wooden pergola kits at hardware stores or gardening supply stores. There are also many online stores offering excellent deals on wooden outdoor structures that they can ship directly to your home. Be sure to purchase a durable material like real wood which will last you and your family many years of enjoyment. Most of the wooden materials used in the construction of outdoor structures have already been pretreated with solutions that help prevent bugs, moisture, and deterioration from outdoor exposure. If you purchase your own materials for building an outdoor structure always be sure that the wood has already been pretreated and is recommended for outdoor use.

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