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Carved Wood Doors

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Carved Wood Doors

Nothing is more homey and unique than carved wooden signs. A good sign at the door of your house gives it a rustic feeling. They are great for boats, RV’s and businesses, giving each a special touch. Let’s look at some things to consider when getting your own carved wood signs.

What Kind Of Sign Would You Like?

You’ll want to find the right sign that complements your home, boat, RV or business. There are several styles available. Most folks like the rustic style because it gives that old American woodsy feel. There are also engraved signs for something a little more modern and detailed.

Lots of folks prefer personalized signs to the standard templates offered. Each business will offer you their pre-made designs, but you can always make your own. They will allow you to custom design it yourself from scratch is that’s what you want.

Many Designs To Choose From

The simplest carved wood signs have just words, but you can go the whole mile and add anything you want. Animals, farms, and landscapes are popular as backgrounds. Put your message up front and have ducks flying in the sky behind it. They’ll also let you choose colors. Modern carved wood signs allow you to easily put any color you’d like on yours.

Check Out The Wood Quality

Carvers disagree about which woods are best, and they all have their particular reasons. Good, sturdy woods that hold up over time are the best for carved wood signs. Redwood Sequoia is generally considered the best wood around in terms of sturdiness, looking good and taking paint well.

The industry standard is cedar. Red cedar and Spanish cedar are known as quality woods, and they have a reputation for weathering the years well. You’ll also find lots of quality carvers using spruce and popular. These woods are great for carving all kinds of stuff as well as signs.

Whichever wood they choose, make sure the company you use hand picks their wood. They should be picky about what they carve.

Have A Look At Their Work

Before getting started, always have a look at some samples of their work. Touch it and see how the finish feels. The design should be attractive and professional, and there should be few knots in the wood unless that’s the style you’re looking for.

You can have any message you like on your carved wood signs. Add that unique personal touch to your home or business, and let everyone who comes in feel comfy and welcome.

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