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Garden Steps On A Slope Stairs_52

Garden Steps On A Slope Stairs

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Garden Steps On A Slope Stairs

To bring more pizzazz to an otherwise bland garden, why not add a couple of garden stepping stones? You have got to admit, we all have felt the need to improve the look of our home. The garden not exempted. An easy way to bring life and add a landscaping feel would be to install decorative garden stepping stones.

Great news though, garden stepping stones are fairly easy to make. Materials aren’t hard to find. And to top it all off, this home project of yours can easily turn into a fun and exciting activity to do with the kids!

What you are going to need:

• Mold – This will serve to provide shape for your garden stepping stone. You may even use old household items such as cooking pans, and plastic containers for plants.

• Concrete – Most people prefer to use Quikrete. This can be purchased at your local hardware store.

• Water – Will be used to mix with the concrete.

• Tub, wheelbarrow, or any container – This is where you can mix the water and concrete in.

• Petroleum jelly or cooking spray – This will be applied around the mold to prevent the concrete from sticking onto the mold later on.

• Decorative Items – You can use just about anything. Just make sure that the items are durable and will last a long time under weather conditions. More common decorative items to use would be shiny stones, smooth pebbles, seashells, old coins, glass, and tiles. Use all these to create your own mosaic garden stepping stones.

• Shovel – for mixing

With these materials on hand, you can start making your stepping stones for the garden. The first task to do is to mark the path where you will lay the stones. Then prepare the work area. Lay out some newspapers to avoid making a mess.

Now, prepare the molds. Make sure to liberally apply petroleum jelly or cooking spray on the molds. After that, mix the concrete and water in the container. In mixing, keep in mind that the mixture should have the consistency of cake batter. Add or subtract either water or concrete to get the right consistency.

Once this is done, spoon the mixture into the mold then lay it out to dry for about 45 minutes before applying the decorative items. You may even use your kid’s handprints as a design!

After decorating, leave the stepping stones for a garden to dry for about 2-3 days before attempting to remove it from the mold. Once removed, allow them to “cure” for about a week more before laying them out on your garden.

You now have you are personalized garden stepping stones! Enjoy!

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