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Round Dinning Table Designs_54

Round Dinning Table Designs

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Round Dining Table Designs

Round dining room tables allow for everyone at the table to talk with anyone and everyone because sightlines are not obscured by corners like with square or rectangular dining room tables. In addition, round dining room tables seem to provide more leg room for the dinners because they are typically a pedestal design which allows for the chairs to reach under the table farther. Around the dining room table could be the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room in order to totally remake the room without spending a fortune on remodeling. Change one simple piece of furniture and you could be looking at a whole new room.

Homelegance Avalon Table

These are round dining room tables that remind people of the 1930’s Art Deco period and they make a terrific centerpiece to any dining room. Versatile and smooth is the dark brown cherry finish and the stability comes from the substantial pedestal base.

North Woods Table

These round dining tables are made of creamy white knotty pine wood and would fit in almost any kitchen or formal dining room decor. To ensure strength and durability the table tops laminated together 2 ½” thick slabs of the knotty pine and the edges of the table top are draw-knifed for a unique finish. Because no two trees grow alike.

Hammary Urban Flair Table

These are an amber color which gives them a uniquely different feel to them before looking at the design. Manufactured from birch veneers and for solids and features the distinguishing umber color for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Tapered legs under a smooth, gently flaring tabletop, this table also has a leaf for additional guest and space.

Casablanca Dining Group

This is beautiful elegance in round dining tables. With a tremendously commanding smooth and curved pedestal under a large round table with an intricately carved edge running around the entire table, this round dining table could only be placed in a formal dining area, possible with high backed upholstered chairs and other large pieces.

Hayes Table

These are space saving elegance with two drop leaves on either side of the table; it could be placed in the kitchen up against the wall or in the center for a better effect. Made from 100 percent selected hardwood for long-lasting durability and beauty, these tables come in antique ivory or black or English pine. Offers spacious seating because of the turned pedestal base and it fits most kitchen.

Lucianna Dining Table

These tables are glass-top tables with contrasting chocolate finished wrought iron in a scrolled pattern for a touch of elegance. The table top is thick and durable with a polished edge.

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