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50+ Office Shed Ideas

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50+ Office Shed Ideas

Has your home office outgrown your home? Do you need the office part of your home to be a little farther from home? Building an office shed may be the solution you are looking for. Having a home office is not a new idea and building a detached office or studio in the backyard is also something that people have done for a long time. But building a shed and using it as an office may be something you had not thought of before. By using a storage shed as an office shed you greatly reduce the cost of building your new work area. Sheds by nature are much simpler than conventional construction both because of their size and their lack of a heavy foundation.

When you look at a building from office shed plans there are many options but a growing trend is to build a simple lean-to shed that has lots of big windows and a glass door to let in bunches of light and make the smaller space feel open and airy. By building your office shed from your own office shed plans you will not only get the extra office space you need but be able to reduce the cost of the new space and have a great sense of accomplishment from having built your own office studio. Before you start building you should look at your options and figure out what is best for you. There are several ways to get the extra space you need.

You can purchase a shed from a local company that either builds the shed on your property or builds it at their factory and then delivers it to your house. This is a very common way to get a new shed but there are problems associated with this option if you are planning on having your new office look more modern. Most companies do not build “cool” sheds that can be used for office space or studio space. Local shed companies most often sell the typical garden shed or basic storage shed that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale story.

If you want a shed that will reflect your professional expectations then you probably want a shed that is a little more professional looking. A modern shed with a lean-to roof will provide just what you need. If you do decide to purchase a pre-built shed you will want to contact several companies and get multiple bids. Make sure that each shed is the same as the others in the bids or you will go crazy trying to figure out which is the better deal.

This leads us to your second option, that of purchasing a shed online that is flat packed and shipped to you. You will assemble the shed on your property. These shed companies provide a great product and the only negative is the cost. They typically cost three times what you would spend by building it yourself. Again, you will want to get multiple bids and don’t be afraid to ask about any hidden costs associated with shipping and taxes from the state that they build the shed in.

The third option is building the office shed your self from office shed plans or studio shed plans. By building the shed yourself you will greatly reduce the cost of building your new office space and be able to get exactly what you want. The major things you need to consider when building your own shed are to:

1. Find a good set of shed plans.
2. Get multiple bids from the plans from several lumber yards, make sure that they are all bidding from the same counts and quality of materials.
3. Pick the perfect building spot.
4. Build your shed.

Remember that however you decide to construct your new shed you will need to contact your local building department and check on the regulations relating to the constructing a shed. Permits for sheds are very cheap and it helps to stay within the bounds set by your local government so that you do not need to move the shed or worse, tear it down, someday.

When you build your own shed you will have a great sense of accomplishment that will stay with you every time you use the shed to work in. You will know that you created something that is greater than the parts that make it up. The only thing you need to worry about is that you will build such a great office shed that someone else in your family may decide to turn it into a workout studio or practice their music lessons when you are not around.

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