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50+ Small Front Porch Ideas

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50+ Small Front Porch Ideas

Where did all the front porches go? Many homes today have very small porches. Although front porches are making a comeback many people have asked what options they might have short of building a new larger front porch.

First, determine your intended goal. Is it to create more curb appeal or do you plan to use it as a place from which to watch the world go by? Would you like a little privacy when on your porch or would you rather make it inviting for folks to stop by and chat? All these and more are possible.

Next, determine the space you have available taking into consideration existing windows and landscaping. Often times we’ve surrounded the small porch with shrubbery; removing it could give you more than sufficient room to expand your porch. Sometimes it is difficult to envision what a porch expansion could look like. Fortunately, there are free software 3-D drawing programs available on the web you can use to help explore the possibilities. These programs not only allow you to draw your home in 3-D but also provide a multitude of landscaping features you can add to explore different looks.

The first option, of course, is to just an add-on to the existing porch. Depending on the design of your current porch and covering this may entail using a professional contractor. To expand our porch we’d have to extend the roofline, add a supporting column, and pour concrete to match the existing porch. Depending on your budget an option like this could be the best solution.

There is a less expensive option, however. Consider adding a “patio porch” addition. It’s relatively inexpensive depending on the design, it looks great, and it can be landscaped for different purposes. It can be a great do-it-yourself (DIY) or a relatively inexpensive contractor project. Pavers, flat stones, and bricks can be used to create just the right look and compliment your home.

Whether your existing porch is elevated or only has a step or two, building an adjacent patio area makes your small porch more functional. You can landscape if for privacy with shrubbery to create either a private nook for reading or a place for a small table and chairs to enjoy a glass of wine! Enjoy the company of others? Depending on available space, create a natural conversation area by strategically placing chairs and benches around a focal point.

Create a great curb appeal with your patio porch. Use unique landscaping, statues, or perhaps add a water feature that can be easily seen from the street. Include a wide walkway leading to the patio area and landscape it appropriately.

Don’t have room to either side of your existing porch? Creating a larger landing area at the bottom of the steps is also a fantastic way to maximize your porch and create curb appeal. Place a bench on either side of the extended landing, landscape the walkway leading to it, and you now have a usable, welcoming area to entertain passers-by.

Small porches can be more functional and appealing if you use a little imagination. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to expand your small porch, it’s a great DIY project for many, and will add both space and curb appeal to your home.

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