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50+ Cottage Homes Exterior Small

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50+ Cottage Homes Exterior Small

50+ Cottage Homes Exterior Small. If you imagine the perfect house as something small and cozy, a home for a couple or a small family or something serene surrounded by a white picket fence then a cottage home plan would be the fit for you. Cottage house plans are usually epitomized by an overall cozy and inviting feel.

Cottage homes originated in medieval Europe for farmworkers and their families and were typically for peasant families. The term cottage not only referred to the home but also the barn and the garden or yard area that was typically fenced in. They were built of stone or other inexpensive locally found materials.

These days the term cottage frequently refers to a summer home or vacation home. This type of cottage is used as a weekend or summer getaway and is sometimes rented out to tourists as a means of additional income. These cottages might be near a beach at the ocean or on a lake.

Cottage home plans are becoming more popular as everyday residences now. They are economical, easier to care for and provide the cozy feel of a vacation home. They are for people who enjoy the simplicity and appreciate the idea of the storybook home.

Just as in the original cottages of medieval Europe, cottage living today often includes gardening and being outdoors. Cottages have an inviting and lovely exterior which not only comes from the appeal of the house itself but from the lovely landscaping. This aspect of cottage living is taken into account with the home plans that include porches, and patios.

Cottages are usually small so they are relatively less expensive to build, maintain, heat and cool. In a time when people are looking for ways to cut back and save money in all areas of life, the cottage lifestyle is becoming more popular.

The small size of a cottage home plan is maximized by a more open floor plan. The kitchen, dining, and living spaces are opened up to each other to give the home a more spacious feel.

The floor plans of a cottage house are designed with the homeowners’ comfort and needs in mind. Cottages are often associated with smaller homes but this isn’t always true. A cottage home plan can accommodate any number of bedrooms and can be modified to include an attached or detached garage. Customized cottage home plans can be tailored for any size of home or budget.

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