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50+ Outdoor Garden Decor Landscaping Flower Beds_50

50+ Outdoor Garden Decor Landscaping Flower Beds

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50+ Outdoor Garden Decor Landscaping Flower Beds

Landscape Improvements – Flower Bed Edging Ideas

Outdoor garden decor landscaping flower beds. If your landscape needs a little sprucing up, but you’re not ready for a complete redo, some minor improvements to your beds’ edging can make a dramatic difference. While looking attractive, edging around your flower bed is also very practical. Edging keeps your lawn and flower garden separate, reducing the problem of grass invading into your flower bed.

There are several types of flower bed edging you should consider. Some of the options are listed below.

Dug or Drop-Down Edge

This is a somewhat difficult method that is more work to maintain. However, a trench edge or lowered flower bed is a naturally appealing design. If you already have a flower bed set up, try digging a several inches wide trench with a hand towel around the current area. Patience is the key to success with this edge. When you are done, the trench can be left empty or filled with pebbles or crushed shells. Read also: Wonderful Garden Landscaping Design Ideas for You

Plastic Edge

Plastic borders are sold by the roll and are often installed by driving the strips into the ground with small stakes. This is a useful tool if you want to separate your plants from crossing between the bed and the lawn, but don’t want a large or noticeable border.

Natural Stone Edge

With the growing popularity of natural landscaping features, you can easily purchase a very elegant stone to create a border with, including granite and flagstone. This asymmetrical and uneven border will complement both highly organized garden spaces, as well as more “wild” type flower beds. For the do-it-yourselfers, try to incorporate rocks from your own yard instead of purchasing natural edging.

When working with natural stone borders, you have a lot of freedom with the shape of the outline. In this case, simple is usually best. Complicated or winding borders are distracting and displeasing to the eye, so aim for wide sweeping lines. Read also: Rain Garden Design Landscaping Front Yards

Wood Edge

Attractive wood edging is simple to do, and the appropriate lumber can usually be purchased at your local hardware store. Make sure that if you choose a wood that is pressure treated it has been rated to be safe for soil contact. For a touch of classic suburban fashion, try isolating one small flower bed with a white picket fence. Overusing this stark white border takes attention away from the landscape, but just a touch of accent is eye-catching and appealing.

Brick and Cast Stone Edge

These styles have decreased in popularity over the years for residential homes. Most people prefer more natural looking alternatives, but there are some pre-cast and brick borders available that are very attractive, durable and inexpensive.

Plant Edging

The last type of edging that I will mention is often overlooked, and that is plant edging. Plant edging is easy to do and always a cause for positive compliments. Work with low growing flowers in simple, uniform shades of color for thinner borders, or small shrubberies for larger borders.

There are thousands of possibilities for lawn, flower bed and landscape edging. Any number of combinations can be used to add dramatic or subtle accents to your landscape without a lot of work or a large investment. Why not give your garden a fresh new look? Read also: 50 Florida Landscaping Ideas Front Yards Curb Appeal Palm Trees

Joe Medeiros is an experienced landscape designer and contractor in Southern Ontario and the owner of Forevergreen Landscaping and Maintenance Inc. Contact Forevergreen at 905-469-4551 for more information or to start designing your own custom landscape in Oakville and Halton, Ontario.

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