50+ Black Houses Exterior

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50+ Black Houses Exterior

Imagine, someone introduces you and tells you to paint the outside of your house completely BLACK! You probably would answer that person with a big “what”? it looks crazy

The sound of an all-black home seems rather strange, but in reality, it “paints” a much nicer picture. I love black houses. They do not seem dark or dark or dangerous at all. In my opinion, they look stylish, timeless and very modern. Read also:  25+ Luxury Homes Exteriors Design

Black houses can be beautiful, but should you never paint your home in black? Of course, we’ve all seen white houses with black shutters, but a black house with white trim, now it’s an outside house to see as you’ll see.

Although some may initially think that the black color could evoke a dark and sinister architectural ambiance, it is actually a great color to use outside your home. Here are some of my favorite black houses.