Climbing Roses On House What is more beautiful than seeing a home or building with an arch of climbing roses in the landscaping? Climbing roses are one of many plants that branch out and intertwine themselves among arches, trellises, or even buildings and railings. They

Woodland Garden Ideas Backyards Woodland gardens should be peaceful and sheltered, based on a natural grouping of trees, with perhaps an appropriate under-planting of shrubs, herbaceous plants, and bulbs. It should also have a mainly open canopy, allowing sunlight to penetrate between the trees. In

Black Flower Garden Black rose and black tulip has always been the dream of gardeners. We haven’t reached that dream yet, but we are getting closer. Flowers we call black, are actually very, very dark red or purple flowers, so dark they appear black to

Unique Garden Ideas Making your garden stand out depends as much on the manner in which you arrange, present and accentuate its elements as it does on the actual plants, flowers, shrubs and trees you plant and prune. If you take the time to work

60+ Formal Garden Design Ideas 60+ Formal Garden Design Ideas. In this article, we will discuss how to design a strictly formal garden on a large, rectangular area. Designing formal garden needs a little bit of hard work on your behalf. You have to keep

50+ Garden Sitting Area Ideas 50+ Garden Sitting Area Ideas. Come sit with me for a while. Let’s enjoy a garden with the bright beautiful colored flowers. Sitting here on a garden bench hoping time will just stand still for a while. I enjoy the

50+ Desert Garden Ideas 50+ Desert Garden Ideas. One of the key ingredients to having a successful garden in the desert is mulch. The desert soil does not have and does not retain mulch. The reason for this is the hot, intense heat. So you