Tips for Exterior Home Design The exterior part of your house is as important as the interior. When people first look at your house, it is the exterior part that they will notice first. Most house owners are more concerned about what’s going on in

Home Exterior Paint Painting your home’s exterior is a great way to make your home appear brand new. Because every home is different, there may be multiple solutions for choosing the right colors. Sometimes homes have attributes that can either be fixed or flaunted with

Cozy Outdoor Rooms Pergolas A wooden pergola is a great way to add an outdoor room to your property. There is nothing more refreshing than having a place that is semi-covered while still open enough for you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. A

Container House Luxury Shipping Containers Did you know that you can build a nice home for yourself out of recycled shipping containers? As unusual as that may sound; it is true, and you can do it for a relatively low total cost. You can undertake

Modern House Exterior Designs Modern homes are the products of brilliant house designing by the specialists of the art of building modern houses. Very large windows, enough outdoor patios, swimming pools can characterize these houses; lush green lawns, etc can characterize these custom-built houses. Some

Classic Home Exterior Classic home style is one of the most difficult (and potentially expensive) styles to achieve in home decor as it relies on creating a formal, symmetrical, elegant room using quality decoration, furniture, and accessories. This style draws quite a bit of inspiration

Stone Brick House Exterior Brick is the most common construction material used in many of the well-known and oldest structure in the world. These materials are originally used for buildings and pavements. However, it has become a preferred material for many houses. Bricks are used