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How to Renovate A Kitchen

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How to Renovate A Kitchen

There are five ways to renovate your kitchen, ranging from being on a budget and spending hundreds of pounds through to spending a hundred thousand pounds! Which kitchen renovation is right for you? Should you go for high quality granite worktops or stick with a low budget? Read our different renovation kitchen methods to decide which is right for you!

Always take into consideration these three things to determine the right way to renovate your kitchen:-

1. How much money you have to spend

2. Your property’s value

3. Who the renovation is for, your home or a tenant

It’s important when thinking about spending on a kitchen to just bear in mind how much your house is worth. Don’t put a £50,000 or even a £20,000 kitchen in if your property is worth less than £200,000 unless you are not worried about getting your money back. And, is the kitchen renovation for you or a tenant for a property you let? If you are buying a kitchen for a buy to let property, then you want to put in a kitchen that can be easily and cheaply renovated every two to three years. You should work on a tight budget. Don’t buy the kitchen of your dreams (or what the salesman wants to sell you!) for a tenanted property.

Once you’ve decided on one or two budgets that you are happy to spend, follow our five different kitchen renovation methods, Low Budget; Tight Budget; Average Budget; Premium Budget; Super Premium Budget.

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