Growing Orchid Outdoors

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Growing Orchid Outdoors

Orchids are one of the prettiest flowers and are really soothing and relaxing to the eyes. It is usually grown indoors, but growing orchids in the garden outside are possible too. Orchids are easy to grow in your lawns outside, especially if the average temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In other cases too, it is possible to raise orchids in your gardens outside albeit a little care is mandatory. Orchids are one of the most pleasing flowers and having them in your garden outdoors, will increase the beauty of your garden and add a unique charm to it. Small Flowering Trees Front Yards

A lot of people, who wish to indulge in growing orchids in their lawn outside, tend to think how they can manage to raise these orchids into beautiful plants considering the fact that they are indoor plants in general and are so sensitive. But those wanting to grow orchids in their lawns have nothing to worry about. Following a few simple techniques given below, you will soon be able to adorn your garden with beautiful orchids. This is what you can do to have an outdoor garden full of beautiful orchids..

Do thorough research on the different kinds of orchids available and understand the climatic conditions they are suitable to. Then choose the orchid which is best suited to the climatic conditions in your area and see if it is the type which adapts well to outdoor climate. Orchids which can tolerate temperature and need some sunlight, those requiring cool summer nights and complete sunlight, those preferring shade are some varieties that can be grown in your garden and these types of orchids will grow well too.

Orchids do not grow very favorably under harsh sunlight. They generally require sunlight in moderation and excess of sunlight leads to wilting of these plants. Hence, choosing an area that is a little shady yet receives sunlight can be optimal for growing orchid plants. In case you grow orchids in pots, it is all the easier as you can move the pot according to the desired light.

When planting outdoors, orchids should be planted in fertile soil which is well drained and rich. Transplanting plants than sowing seeds will yield better results.

Watering the soil should be done in such a way that it does not get saturated but remains moist. Circulation at the root level is necessary for orchids to grow well. If this fails to take place and if the water stagnates at the root, the plant will die.

Fertilizing the soil and the plant fortnightly or once in three weeks with a small dose of flower fertilizer is necessary to make sure the plant grows well.

If you are growing your orchids in pots, keep them indoors when there is a possibility of a fall in temperature. If you are directly growing it on the ground then make sure they are well covered by plastic containers or sheets so that they do not wither or die in unsuitable conditions.

Growing orchids outdoors can be effective and enjoyable. It is simply these basics that one has to keep in mind to make sure their efforts are rewarded.

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