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Eclectic Dining Room Decor Ideas_12

Eclectic Dining Room Decor Ideas

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Eclectic Dining Room Decor Ideas

Years ago, decorating your home meant combining fabrics, furnishings, and colors that were all in complete harmony. Now, no matter what you have in your home, you can create a look that is totally your own and absolutely stunning. Throw all those old-fashioned ideas that everything must match right out the window! Eclectic decorating allows you to design a room that is bursting with personality and interest.

This style of decorating is great for those who do not have a big wad of money with which to completely refurbish their home. Go look in the attic, basement, storage shed and anywhere else you may have stashed furniture or accent pieces, and let’s get started!

Mix and Match Furnishings

Have an entertainment center or china cabinet with country appeal, and a sofa that is totally modern? No problem. With an eclectic decor, nearly anything goes! You may have items that lean toward elegant, while others are simplistic in nature. This is what makes it so interesting, and gives your home an original look that stands out from the ordinary.

The secret to pulling it all together is using colors that contrast and complement each other. For example, if your china cabinet is mahogany and filled with items that are pastel colored, you can match those pastels in a chenille throw for the sofa. The colors flow continuously through the room, even though the style of furnishings may vary greatly.

Accessories Add Flair

In eclectic decorating, use items that are fun and express your own personality. From beaded fringe to funky mirrors and exotic plants, do whatever you like! If your passion is wooden schooners or porcelain tea sets, put them on display in a corner designed specifically to show off your collection. Mix and match fabrics and textures. Paint your lampshades and even the base if you want. The idea is to have fun all while creating a look that is interesting and unique.

With this style of decor, you can mix and match patterns and colors. You may decide to use burgundy, cream, and blue. Use these colors throughout the room, and don’t be afraid to throw in forest green if you like. Feel free to use light and dark shades of each color. Mix florals, plaids, stripes, and solid patterns to jazz it all up and add a vibrant touch.

Funky artwork for the walls, unique knick-knacks found at flea markets, and thick throw pillows decorated in nubby textures with added fringe are all great additions for the eclectic look.

Your objective is not to create rooms that look messy or thrown together, but interestingly mixed. Combine up to three different decorating styles, and use color to bring the entire effect together. Fun pillows, accent rugs, and decorative throws are a great way to pull color from other areas of the room.

Put your creative ideas to work, throw in a touch of your own personality, and create rooms that are bursting with unique appeal and originality! Why settle for boring?

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