Vintage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms_48
Vintage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms_48

Vintage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

The vintage style works well in the bedroom, creating a timeless romantic style that is sure to please, and will never date. You too can create a room that evokes memories of old rose and dreamy summer days. Piles of vintage cushions scattered on the bed, sepia-colored family photographs or carefully chosen China and ornaments can all combine to offer you a comfortable refuge where you can relax and feel totally at ease.

Whether your personal taste in bed linen is for crisp cotton sheets smothered by warm woolen blankets, or snuggly vintage quilts and eiderdowns, fabric plays an essential role, both functional and decorative, in everyone’s bedroom. Although we tend to assume that vintage is very pretty, feminine and mainly floral there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose solid colors – consider Amish quilts and Welsh blankets. This type of bed linen can be very effective in a simple white-painted room as it gives you instant impact, warmth, and color.

Many people don’t feel at all confident about mixing different fabric patterns in one room, but consider how bland and uninspiring a room looks where everything is chosen from a single design or color range. You can happily mix checks and stripes with floral prints and other colors if you bear in mind two points – the relative sizes of the fabric patterns, and the colors within them. To get an idea of how your scheme will look, take samples of the fabrics you love, scatter them around the room and then move them around without consciously making decisions about what looks best where. This way you’ll find it easier to see if there are any possible clashes.

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Take a look at the rest of your house too, consider the colors you’ve used elsewhere and also take into account the age and architecture of your home. Stripes, for example, might be a good choice for an asymmetrical, 18th-century room, whilst floral prints suit Victorian style very well.

Finally, consider your accessories and ornaments. Be careful not to overdo it – too many can easily lead to a cluttered, messy look and the visual impact you’ve worked so hard to create will be destroyed. Be sure that everything you include will delight you when you wake up in the morning – this is what will give your room character and style.

Lavender is an old-fashioned herb used to perfume linen, and is also said to enhance sleep, so why not scatter bowls around the room to sweetly scent the air as you drift off to sleep. Tuck lavender sachets in your drawers too, to fragrance your clothes, and keep those pesky moths away – sometimes the old, vintage ideas really do work!

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