Doorless Shower Designs

Doorless Shower Designs

Life has become too much of a routine that we seldom take for granted the things that really matter and pass it of as something common. This holds true especially for people who live in the city, being exposed to a hectic environment and being ground to the teeth with work and stress. It seems as if city people no longer have the time to stop and smell the flowers both literally and figuratively and that they need to take a cold shower to clean themselves up, as well as to take their minds away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Sadly, however, even bathing has become no more than a part of their everyday routine. A way to improve this outlook is to follow the doorless walk-in shower ideas that would be mentioned in this article.

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The purpose in redecorating the doorless walk-in shower that most city dwellers have in their bathrooms is to make a statement that bathing should be a fun affair. It is not merely an avenue for hygiene, but also the point in one’s day where everything is washed in preparation for a new beginning. As such, it would be a good idea to paint or cover the walk-in shower area with color or marble patterns that the common bathroom user is fond of. Doing this would make the bather feel that lighter while in the shower.

It would also be a good idea to illuminate the walk-in shower area with bright lights. Apart from the functional purpose of illuminating the body while bathing, a brighter bathing area would make the bather feel more positive and upbeat during and after showering. Wall lamps or spotlights should be used to achieve this end but, however, should be placed where it is not prone to be doused or splashed with water. It will also be a good idea to waterproof such light fixtures to avoid unforeseen accidents.

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Showering in such a happy and visually appealing area will no doubt make the city dweller feel refreshed physically and mentally. Apart from the dirt, the above-mentioned shower walk in set up will also wash away negativity and stress, preparing the city dweller for a day and, if anything, giving him or her a daily affair to look forward to.

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