Feminine Bedroom Ideas_40
Feminine Bedroom Ideas_40

Feminine Bedroom Ideas

Although the majority of time in our bedrooms is spent asleep, during our waking hours it can also be a room of relaxation and retreat, provided we create the right atmosphere and ambiance. Yet, so many of us overlook the bedroom and it becomes a place so full of “things” that relaxing becomes difficult. These “things”, some of them necessary, some of them not, could be organized in such a way that helps to promote a better spirit of calm.

For a bedroom transformation to occur, it’s likely that there will need to be a good sort out and a ruthless examination of what might be cluttering the room. Do we need it? Do we use it? Have we even ever worn it? This will hopefully give you at least a little room to maneuver. Next examine the walls, floor and most importantly the existing furniture. You might need to make some tough decisions in your quest for a more feminine bedroom.

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Once you have brought everything back to basics, you now have a canvas you can work with. In a more feminine bedroom, textures and colors are very important. For a scheme like this to work, carpets might be the best choice for the floors as they will instantly provide a softer feel underfoot. However, if you already have laminate flooring, a soft rug will also work.

At the time of writing, fuchsia is very hot and trendy as far as bedroom colors are concerned and this immediately gives license to bring all of those extra tones of pink in. Flowery wallpaper will also add to the “girlie” look and there are some great large flower prints on the market. If you are looking to keep costs down, you could use the wallpaper on just one “focus” wall, perhaps behind the bed and use a complimentary paint color on the other walls.

Bedding, cushions, and curtains can all be fluffy or silky in texture and will enhance the womanly feel in the room. Prints with flowers are always a good idea and you definitely can’t beat a few scented candles! Light fittings need to be delicate; chandeliers and light shades made of glass with tones of pink will enhance the look too.

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Lastly and probably most importantly is storage space! In order for the room to feel soft and relaxing, the clutter, clothes, and bedding need to disappear. Sliding door wardrobes are a fantastic option. They can be made to measure and will incorporate all your storage needs. They can also be matched to other pieces of furniture in the room and if you go for sliding mirrored doors then the room will feel more spacious and luxurious.

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