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Bamboo Garden Ideas

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Bamboo Garden Ideas

Bamboo has long been used as a reliable building material for many centuries in countries like China and Japan. And even today, eco-friendly architects all over the world are finding new ways of implementing bamboo into long-term, big-scale buildings. But bamboo is not just sturdy building material. It is also a very beautiful plant. Walking through a bamboo garden is an amazing experience and definitely worth putting on your to-do list. Here are a few of the biggest and most breathtaking bamboo gardens in the world.

The Fuji Bamboo Garden

The world-famous Fuji Bamboo Gardens were founded in 1955, and they’re located at the base of Mount Fuji in the southwest part of Tokyo, Japan. The Gardens contain over 100,000 bamboo plants which include over 450 varieties of bamboo. The Fuji Bamboo Garden is, by most accounts, the largest collection of bamboo plants in the world. Visitors can also enjoy a bamboo museum, which contains a variety of artifacts made with bamboo, things like baskets, furniture, and musical instruments.

Portland Bamboo Garden

The Bamboo Gardens in Portland, Oregon are probably the most diverse bamboo gardens you’ll find in West Coast. Visitors can walk through 16 acres of farmland replete with towering bamboo shoots, which include over 300 varieties, both common and extremely rare, including giant timber bamboo.

Santa Cruz Bamboo Gardens

The bamboo plants in the Santa Cruz gardens shoot up into the sky from an old rock quarry about 15 minutes south of downtown Santa Cruz. According to the gardens’ manager, Sandie Lewis, not a lot of people know about the Santa Cruz Bamboo Gardens. Their secluded location makes them a great find for those who happen to stumble upon them or who actively search them out.

Though there aren’t as many varieties of bamboo in the Santa Cruz Gardens as there are in the two locations previously listed, the Santa Cruz Gardens do span 20 acres. It’s fun just to walk through their jungle-like trails, shaded by the bamboo canopy. There is a beautiful koi pond, a shady gazebo and plenty of benches to rest.

The Bamboo Garden Hotel in Beijing

The Bamboo Garden Hotel in Beijing, China was originally the home of Sheng Xuanhuai, Minister of Post for the late Qing Dynasty. The hotel’s architecture is absolutely stunning, and it is situated in one of the most beautiful bamboo groves in the world.

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