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Easter Flower Arrangements Floral Design_12

Easter Flower Arrangements Floral Design

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Easter Flower Arrangements Floral Design

Certain types of flowers are used to celebrate Easter, the holiest of days on the Christian calendar; they are commonly referred to as Easter flowers. These flowers are colorful, and they are symbolic of rebirth and the Resurrection. They are perfect reminders of Easter and the upcoming spring season. Common flowers used for Easter include lilies, hyacinths, azaleas, tulips, daffodils, and narcissus flowers.

White lilies tend to be the most popular and traditional Easter flowers, and they are commonly used to decorate churches around the Easter season. These flowers originated in Japan, and Americans started to grow them in the 1940s. White lilies are known to symbolize the renewal and purity that is associated with Easter, as well as Christ’s Resurrection three days after his death. The lily’s flower petals are said to be shaped in such a way as to represent God’s trumpet calling for Jesus to return. It is of note that white lilies’ growth is forced in greenhouses for the Easter season given how extremely common it is for these flowers to be used around that time.

Hyacinths are flowers that are typically used for Easter bouquets and arrangements. They exist in a variety of pastel colors that are perfect for Easter, including pink, purple, and blue. They also come in white. These flowers grow to be eight to twelve inches tall on average.

Azaleas are popularly given as hostess gifts at Easter dinners. They bloom naturally right around the Easter season, and they come in many beautiful colors including pink, white, orange, and red. Azaleas are seen as symbols of Christ’s rising again, as well as of rejuvenation and good wishes.

Tulips are other common Easter flowers. These beautiful flowers are symbolic of spring’s rebirth and of perfect love. Tulips are popular parts of Easter floral arrangements and come in more than 150 species. They also come in a wide array of colors.

Daffodils are bright yellow Easter flowers that are shaped like trumpets. They are symbolic of rebirth, eternal life, and friendships. Where daffodils are concerned, it is thought that new flowers are born from bulbs that appear to be dead, thus making the flowers living examples of rebirth. Furthermore, a legend suggests that daffodils first bloomed during Christ’s Resurrection. Daffodils are the main Easter flowers used for Easter decorations in England.

The narcissus was the initial flower connected to Easter in many parts of Europe. People in the Alps, in fact, have thought of the flower as being a representation of Easter for generations. Furthermore, the narcissus is a very popular flower in Germany.

All of the Easter flowers discussed can be found at florists, online flower shops, and nurseries. Many beautiful arrangements are available, and a number of deals are to be found. People who love to garden will also find a wealth of information about planting all of these beautiful flowers over the Internet.

There are many beautiful Easter flowers available that signify the rebirth of Easter and spring. Whether they are used as decorations or given as gifts, lilies, hyacinths, azaleas, tulips, daffodils, and narcissus flowers all symbolize the holiness and beauty that encompass Easter. They furthermore characterize the rebirth of Easter and of spring. All of these flowers can be found in traditional florists and nurseries or online.

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