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Small Flowering Trees Front Yards_6

Small Flowering Trees Front Yards

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Small Flowering Trees Front Yards

Small flowering trees are perfect ingredients for landscaping. They put brilliant colors right to your eyes. Changes in season definitely make flowering trees the focal point of landscaping. They are also useful; they are not just for decorations. They can be used to make a softer view in strong sides of homes and landscapes. They also shade your home from harmful sun ray.

The most ideal month is September for planting flowering trees. Here are some of the most famous and well-loved small flowering trees.

  • Eastern redbud – it is a beautiful tree which wraps its naked branches with white or pink flowers in early spring. The selection of “Forest Pansy” has purplish flora.
  • Flowering dogwood or (Cornus Florida) – A number of pink or white flowers can be seen during mid-spring are followed by delicious red berry. The leaves turn strongly red prior to dipping in fall. This kind of small flowering trees needs ample amount of shade during sunny weather.
  • Crape myrtle or (Lagerstroemia indica)- A tree that blooms in summer with big bunches of crape like that blooms in colors of red, white, pink, and purple. The bark is beautiful, shiny and the color is yellow to red. Grows best in hot summer regions. Look for the selection of resistant to powdery mildew.
  • Magnolia or (Magnolia) – A number of varieties of small beautiful trees are integrated into this big family of plants. Most well-liked are the saucer magnolia or (M. soulangiana) with enormous purple, pink, or white cup-shaped flowers during early spring, and the star magnolia or (M. stellata) with big, star-like blooms can be seen during early spring.
  • Flowering crab apples or (Malus) – Colorful, pretty trees produce during early spring flowers in colors of purple, pink, red and white. Flowers are followed with colorful and safe to eat fruit.
  • Flowering fruits or (Prunus) – A big family of plants with a lot of outstanding miniature flowering trees. They contain numerous types of purple-leaf plums and gorgeous flowering cherries. Nearly all are beautiful and produce pink or white perfumed flowers during early spring.

Check with your neighboring nurseryman to make sure the trees you select are well adapted to your place. Water the trees regularly and apply necessary fertilizer to give them the nutrients they need in order to grow beautiful and healthy. Always watch your tree personally for the next several months and examine the leaves and branches for some insect that can damage their health.

September is not only the ideal month for planting trees for the most country; it’s the perfect time to focus on the care of your existing trees. Purchase fertilizer that is suitable for certain kind of trees. Used of insecticide is good protection for your plant. Do not apply to trees intended for fruits or nuts which should be eaten. When using flowering trees for landscaping consider the color of the trees you will place on your landscape garden.

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