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Foyer Ideas Entryway

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Foyer Ideas Entryway

If you have a foyer in your home, this is usually the main entryway to your home. You can greet your guests with a warm welcome when you learn to decorate your foyer properly. This could be the first impression your guests get of you and your family so it’s a great idea to take some time to decorate properly. You want to be sure your first impression is saying what you really want it to.

There are many different ways that you can decorate this foyer area of your home. Most decorating ideas are based around the amount of space available in the area as well as the personal style and possibly the budget of the decorator.

A popular foyer theme is contemporary and one of the best ways to get the contemporary look is with mirrors. There are many great mirrors out there that make fabulous wall art but using contemporary mirrors to decorate the entrance of your foyer is a fabulous idea.

Here are some ideas:

* Mount the mirror next to your foyer door.

* Mount multiple mirrors so that the visitor sees them upon entry of your front door.

* Use different shaped mirrors to create a wall pattern.

* Use a contemporary shelf and mirror combo.

These ideas will help get you started with decorating your foyer. You can then expand on your own ideas and think of new and better ways to decorate your home foyer and entryway. You will probably see that these great new ideas carry on with you to other parts of your house as well. That is the beauty of decorating.

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