Loft Living Room Ideas_39
Loft Living Room Ideas_39

Loft Living Room Ideas

Loft living has become popular once again, no longer the choice for budget-challenged singles going to college. In recent years, architects and builders designed gorgeous one or two-room condos and townhomes that have excellent design attributes, which makes living in lofts an attractive lifestyle for people who want to live in the central hubs of cities that have vibrant downtown areas.

Many professional people have purchased these lofts and love the convenience of living without interior walls, and are discovering that living in lofts with style is a fantastic lifestyle choice, not only for the city center conveniences but also for the open, airy interiors and the many decorating opportunities that loft living invites.

Many contemporary lofts use a mix of design features, like exposed ceilings where the home’s infrastructure is visible, and some of them use full or half walls around the bedroom areas that keep the sleeping area private. Some use alternative flooring like the trendy concrete that has been professionally painted or they use hardwood or ceramic surfaces.

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The owners frequently hire professional decorators who give advice on furniture styles, placement and use large pieces of original art to accent the interior walls of the home. There are so many ways to create exquisite interiors using fabrics, colors, furniture, window coverings, and artwork or pillows.

One of the best things about living in lofts with style is that the builders used fewer materials to build the homes. Quite a few lofts are converted warehouses, with the building structure left intact, but the interior gutted, saving the cost of new masonry or exterior materials, like wood studs, bricks, or stucco.

Many of the lofts that are new construction are now using materials that are green, made from rapidly renewable sources, like bamboo floors and fabrics, and not requiring lots of drywall whose raw material is mined gypsum. A large loft can be a very energy efficient home, and owners who want to leave less of an impact on the earth are choosing these types of homes as a way to make a statement about living greener lives.

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Aloft affords a person complete design discretion since space can be decorated anyway they want, and there are no set places for specific home activities, with the exception of the kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The home’s floorplan is not static. Rather than the floorplan defining the home, the loft owner defines the interior space by using their preferred d├ęcor. Living in lofts with style is a great way to unleash the creative, and create the type of space, look, and feel without the use of an architect and a custom built home.

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