Mid Century Furniture_40
Mid Century Furniture_40

Mid Century Furniture

Mid-century furniture is reminiscent of the past wherein many of us still wanted to a part of it by collecting what was left behind by our ancestors. The designs were products made after World War II up to the middle of the 1960s.

In addition to that, it cannot be denied that the products during those times were not so commercialized. Hence it’s more durable and the designs were patterned from colonial structures. That is the reason why many types of furniture of the mid-century have beautiful carvings on the trimming or fine lines which gave that elegant and sophisticated look. They also had fine lumbered during that time because they cut the tree when it has aged by decades making it a sturdy piece of furniture when finished.

Mid-century furniture usually has the natural varnish color or oak color which gave a strong character look that anyone would envy and dream to have one. That is the reason why there are many mid-century types of furniture that still exists today because of its durability and fine looks. These mid-century furnitures are often called Antiques or vintage products. Today, many manufacturers tried to imitate the designs wherein many liked the idea they call “a touch of elegance from the past”.

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There are many antique collectors and various antique shops where people liked to go and buy especially if it is unique. When you buy one especially if it’s a piece of chair, make sure that it is still usable. See that they are properly locked and in proper order because furniture in the past are usually locked and not nailed.

Try to identify the back labels if there’s any or check the kind of wood used to prove its authenticity and do not buy if it’s already worn out that badly needs restoration. Better go to an authorized furniture shop to do a replica of the kind of furniture that you liked.

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There are antique shops that you may try visiting on websites. This kind of antique products is usually insured and shipped to you with great care. If you happen to pass by an antique store, it is all worth it if you try some bargaining agreement.

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