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Modern Spanish Decor Interior Design

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Modern Spanish Decor Interior Design

A person who is remodeling his or her home may want to consider a Spanish-Modern style of home decor. This style has been around for a long time but is still appealing. Following are some ideas that can turn an ordinary home into an extraordinary one:

Large Steel Windows and Doors

Large steel and glass windows and doors are simple in style but help to make home bright and airy. While many people do not consider steel to be aesthetic, it does allow one to have windows and/or doors with low profiles and narrow sidelines. This look is quite appealing and allows plenty of natural light into the bedroom or living room.

Tile Roof

Tile roofing can be a bit costly, but there is no other material that can be compared with good Spanish-Modern style tiles. One simply needs to make sure the tile color and style matches well with the home’s exterior and the other homes in the neighborhood.

Wood, Granite, and Marble

Spanish-Modern furniture is short and has ornately turned legs and feet. Most of the furniture is made from genuine hardwood and is often burnished. Countertops are made using either marble or granite and these are usually given a bullnose edge.

Wood Beams

Wood plays a large role in the Spanish-Modern style. Wood beams add a touch of style to any home, giving the house a warm, appealing feel. Wood beams also compliment the steel and glass doors and windows quite nicely.

Textured Walls

Textured walls are a must for a home that is meant to have a Spanish-Modern style. There are several ways to give a wall a textured feel and look. One of the most common methods involves hand rubbing layers of paint and glaze onto a plastered wall or sand textured one. In some instances, a tinted drywall compound and/or colored beeswax is used.

Open Space

This style involves a lot of open space, but this does not mean that it is unsuitable for a small home. It simply means that one will have to invest in furniture that does not take up too much space. Light colored furniture in such an instance is ideal, as it brightens up a room and gives it an illusion of having additional space.

Furniture can be Modern or Traditional

As was noted above, Spanish-Modern furniture is made in a particular style. However, such furniture can be either modern or traditional. Traditional furnishings are usually more ornate while modern couches, tables, and beds are still made from hardwood yet are not particularly stylish. In some cases, both traditional and modern furnishings can be mixed, but this must be done carefully and one particular style should always dominate.

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