Scandinavian Bedroom Decor_45
Scandinavian Bedroom Decor_45

Scandinavian Bedroom Decor

The Scandinavian look is a bright, airy style that makes you feel like you can breathe easier just by stepping into it. This look is carefully constructed to give the illusion of light and sprang from Sweden’s harsh, long winter evenings. The overall look is homey and inviting. The color here is viewed as an opportunity to create the brightness of a summer sky with marshmallow clouds and its cheerful vibes. For your base, you’ll want something like white, cream or sky blue, complemented with touches of warm yellow and gold, baby pink and bold red, gray and light green. Use these colors to stencil hearts, ribbons, scrolls and gatherings of wheat upon walls.

Like your walls and draperies, keep your floors light and bright! Consider blonde or pale woods or a light-hued paint for your floors. If you want to jazz things up, stencil or paint pale designs (like stripes and diamonds) on the floor’s surface. And don’t forget your floor coverings! In this case, pick up an eco-friendly sisal rug, as the kind found here, for a natural, attractive covering that protects your floors and family’s feet.

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Wall sconces are the key to your success with this look. Choose relatively simple, small sconces with tin, gold or brass finish and place them in sets along your wall for artful framing and light play. Plain table lamps and unfussy chandeliers also help add light to an already bright interior. Keep your furniture uncomplicated and clean for the Scandinavian style. Curvilinear designs reign in blonde woods like birch, beech, and alder and may come painted white.

Legs are often tapered or fluted and tables sometimes bear scrolled borders for extra style. For the bedroom, opt for upholstered head and footboards, or go for basic wood in a canopy bed, trundle or daybed style. Keep in mind there should be nothing imposing or ostentatious about Scandinavian furniture, considering it takes its cues from country and folk styles. For ideas, browse GREENCulture’s large furniture site.

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If you want to dress up walls, keep things uncomplicated. You can use moldings, some restrained stenciling and uncluttered floral patterns on your walls. Match any florals you do use to freshly cut flowers displayed in pitchers, vases or on wreaths for windows and bookcases. Flowers that match the Scandinavian color scheme include yellow daisies, pink roses, and white flowers.

Lastly, don’t feel the need to fill up every space with knick-knacks and accessories, as it can work to undermine the light, airy feel you’ve worked to create. Use mirrors to create the illusion of even more open space and to reflect light, and use light colored accents like blue and white china, silver and glass to add shine and style.

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