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Screen Porch Decorating

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Screen Porch Decorating

If you are considering adding a screen porch to your home consider its real value. In some cases, it may actually increase the dollar value of your home. It may also add real appeal to a potential home buyer. We bought a house once just because of the screen porch. The real value; however, will be to you and your family.

Of all home remodeling projects you can do, be it the kitchen or bath makeover, new carpet or hardwood floors, or even converting space into a home theater, a screen porch addition can be your best investment for overall happiness.

We lead busy lives. Kids, jobs, and activities consume us most of the time. There is little time for family or even individual relaxation. We all need time to get off the train and “watch the world go by”, even if it is only for a few minutes. What better way for you and your family than to create and take refuge in your own special place.

A screened porch invites the outside in. It is an excellent spot for listening to nature, capturing a summer breeze, or feeling the chill of an autumn evening. It can be a place where you and your family catch up, play games, listen to each other, or just be silent with your own thoughts.

A screen porch is perhaps the least expensive home addition per square foot. You can make it as simple or as lavish as you wish. Like entertaining? Make yours large enough for a good sized dining table and chairs, extra storage space, a sound system, and good lighting.

If you prefer a more intimate setting, cozy up to a nice stone fireplace, sofa, comfortable chairs, all on an outdoor rug. Add a bistro table for a dining experience for two to four complete with outdoor hanging chandelier.

Have teens? Perhaps a game or pool table, large flat screen TV, and comfy furniture where all the kids can hang out would be more to your liking.

Have an existing deck or patio area? It is relatively easy to convert these to a screen porch addition. You already have the flooring which significantly reduces your overall costs. Remember, a longer screen room is better than a square one. It allows for more light and air flow through the porch.

Design it with a vaulted ceiling to make it appear more spacious and to help cool the addition during the hot summer months. If more light is needed consider adding a few skylights and for better air movement add exterior fans. For real comfort consider the direction your screened porch faces. If you live in the south try to avoid southern exposure. Do just the opposite if you live in the north.

It is almost guaranteed you will find real peace and joy on your screened porch. Dream a little and feel that cool breeze as you settle in with a good book on a summer evening. That is the real value of a screened porch!

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