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Glass Ceiling Architecture Interiors

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Glass Ceiling Architecture Interiors

The glass ceiling. You’ve heard the term before. It refers to the invisible limit placed on women in the corporate world. Given the political structure and the nature of power struggles, territoriality, and primal instincts that bleed into the corporate world, a woman’s rise to a level commensurate with her worth will be a long fought battle that may not be entirely won. 50+ Ceiling Ideas Living Room

But you’re not in the corporate world. Halleluiah, there’s no glass ceiling!

Or is there?

No one from your company has ever told you, “sorry, but that’s your limit. You’re not allowed to make any more than that.”


Not once.

The message you get from the corporate office is, “go ahead, make all the money you want.” They don’t believe you have a glass ceiling. The only one that exists is in your head.

Time and again I meet women who have given themselves their own glass ceiling. They limit their earning potential by assuming that they couldn’t possibly deserve to be wealthy.

They falsely assume that to be wealthy you must be highly educated, or have trained for years in a profession, or risen slowly through the ranks, or paid their dues, or know someone powerful, or be born into it, or marry into it, or invented a cure for some disease, or have an MBA, or somehow have done something amazing in order to deserve the right to be wealthy.

In fact, if you don’t learn another thing about your business, know that you can become enormously wealthy just by sharing your product and the opportunity and asking, “how do you like that?”

It’s that simple.


Don’t make it harder than it is. It doesn’t have to hurt and you don’t have to pay years and years of dues. You have the right to be wealthy so stop behaving like your life is a dress rehearsal.

If you justify an earning limit for yourself or rationalize why you can’t exceed it, you have given yourself an invisible glass ceiling. The simple fact is that you are not limited to any number.

There is no limit, no ceiling, no point at which someone is going to tap you on the shoulder and say, “just who do you think you are? You don’t deserve to have an unlimited income, now give it all back. ”

You’ve reached adulthood and now have an opportunity unlike most of the women in the world, one that does not limit your income and does not have a glass ceiling.

If you continue to behave as if there is a limit, invisible or not, you will not reach your potential and you will doom yourself to accepting something lower than you deserve.

Choose today to stop waiting for someone to promote you, give you the keys to the corner office, give you a transfer to a more prestigious position, or give you permission to out-earn the CEO – you have the power to do all that, you just have to say, “yes.”

Now go be a millionaire!

Ann Vertel is the author of UnitCoach, the award-winning blog totally dedicated to the success of those in Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM, and Party Plan businesses. Ann shares wit, wisdom, and resources on the psychology of success and is known for her honest, upbeat, and grounded approach to life and business. She is also the Co-Founder of MyRazorr, the world-class Team Management software for those in Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM, and Party Plan businesses. She is a retired U.S. Naval Officer, wife and mother, Christian, conservative and lives in San Diego, California. Visit and get “The 5 Most Effective Closing Questions” right now!

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