Antique Crystal Chandelier Design_48
Antique Crystal Chandelier Design_48

Antique Crystal Chandelier Design

There is more than one kind of antique crystal chandelier on the market today. Some of them are true antiques and some of them are reproductions of certain eras. By doing some research you can find the perfect type of antique chandelier to complement your period furniture.

Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money combing the Internet, showrooms, or antique stores for just the right light fixtures for your home there are many inexpensive reproduction pieces on the market today. If you are looking for a period piece, you can have a lot of fun visiting antique stores and looking online to find just the right piece.

If you already have an antique crystal chandelier and you can no longer find the bulbs for it then you may want to look online for socket converters so that you can use the bulbs you prefer. Many online lighting retailers stock socket reducers or enlargers that make it easy to convert most chandeliers so that you can use the kind of bulbs you prefer.

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While you can install an antique chandelier almost anywhere in your home, it will depend on your final choice of placement as to how large the fixture should be. Obviously, you would not need the same size chandelier in a breakfast nook as you would need to hang over a grand dining room table. If you want a lighting fixture with many branches or tiers then you will want to place it in an area where there is ample room. On the other hand, smaller fixtures are perfect for small areas such as hallways and some bathrooms.

You may not want an antique crystal chandelier that is comprised only of crystals. You may want the column to be made from iron or bronze or even brass. While some chandeliers are made almost entirely of crystals others are only accented by them. In addition, many people buy older chandeliers at flea markets or estate sales and then update them by changing out the crystals or other ornaments. You can find a wide variety of colored and clear crystals, beads, and other ornaments online.

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An antique chandelier can cost a lot or a little. It can be the focal point of a room or it can add a subtle accent. It can cast a romantic glow or it can carry the light for an entire room. The point is that you have a lot of choice as to the kind of antique crystal chandelier you want to bring into your home.

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