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70 Round Rug Ideas

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70 Round Rug Ideas

If you are thinking of getting some new rugs for your home, consider something a little different from the norm; go in for a round rug. Like other rugs, a round rug can add warmth, depth, style, and color to any living or working space. In addition, a rug design is a pleasant variation from rugs you see everywhere that are usually rectangular in shape.

A round-shaped rug can be an interesting focal point in a room. Most spaces are filled with furniture that tends to be square or angular and the graceful curve of a circular rug will be attractive to the eye. The curved shape makes a nice change from the rigid lines of furniture. So this variety of rug makes an excellent focal point in a room, and not only looks beautiful itself but also enhances the beauty of the rest of the room.

When its colors are in harmony with the color scheme of a room, an oval rug looks particularly attractive. You can use a colorful area rug as a way of highlighting a particular part of a space or to brighten up an area with a vivid splash of color in an interesting shape. In fact, the right rug can completely transform a space, and be the link that ties all the aspects of the room’s furnishings and color scheme together to create a harmonious whole.

Circular rugs are great on wooden, tiled or concrete floors. If placed correctly, it will look good even against the dullest background. And the attractiveness of certain types of flooring is marvelously enhanced by a pretty rug. Oval rugs can even be used in a wall to wall carpeted areas, simply by placing them over the carpet. This could be done to mark a seating area, to protect part of your wall to wall carpeting in high traffic areas, or to emphasize a particular part of the room.

This shape of rugs can be used in all kinds of living spaces. You can find round rugs that you will enjoy seeing every day in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, family room, hallway or even outside on a veranda or deck. A big advantage of using an area rug instead of wall to wall carpeting is that the former is much easier to replace. So you can change the entire look of a room without much effort, just by changing your rug to another with a different pattern or colors. Also, these rugs are much brighter, more colorful and intricately patterned than most wall to wall carpets.

When you are placing an area rug, remember how important the use of a rug pad is. You must put a good pad under your rug to prolong its life, and to prevent it from sliding around on the floor.

Interesting use of an oval rug is wall décor. Such a rug can look absolutely marvelous on a stark wall, which brings out the colors of the rug and shows off its design and shape to good advantage.

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