50+ Garden Sitting Area Ideas_39
50+ Garden Sitting Area Ideas_39

50+ Garden Sitting Area Ideas

50+ Garden Sitting Area Ideas. Come sit with me for a while. Let’s enjoy a garden with the bright beautiful colored flowers. Sitting here on a garden bench hoping time will just stand still for a while. I enjoy the smell of the cedar wood that this garden bench is made of. Sealing with a water sealant was a good idea. The natural color of the wood is preserved. I could have let the bench weather, becoming a silver-grey color. I guess it is what a person prefers. Either way, this garden bench was a great addition to my garden space. There is a pond close to the garden that I thought of placing a garden swing but this year the mosquitoes are bad. So I have to rethink where to place the garden swing.

Living on acreage gives you the ability to improve spaces. You can either expand them or just leave to nature. I have the ability to add larger pieces of patio furniture and garden accessories to my deck/patio. Making that space a wonderful place to sit and watch my garden grow. I have designed the deck area to accommodate a large picnic table and Adirondack chairs. So now outdoor entertaining is available with a lot of sitting area. In my garden sitting space, I have implemented planters to so that I can move around flowers to accent my sitting spaces without the worry of digging and replanting flowers. This also works great for vegetables. They can be planted into planters again allowing you to move them around your garden or patio.

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Sitting in these outdoor living spaces that are all connected with pathways adds tranquility to any garden and home. Imagine yourself coming home from a long day of work and being able to sit in your garden. Just enjoying the beauty of nature that you have created. What a great feeling. So come sit in my garden becomes your way of getting around from all the craziness in the world. You can just tune it out of awhile. There are so many products available for us to use to create an outdoor living space that becomes so much a part of our style. Whether you are trying to bring the interior style of your home out to an outdoor space, you can choose so many different items to accent this. Just keep in mind that your outdoor space should be comfortable and affordable.

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