50+ Urban Style Bedroom Ideas_11
50+ Urban Style Bedroom Ideas_11

50+ Urban Style Bedroom Ideas

If you are single with no commitment and childless, you can still have your dream bedroom with a stylish and a modern look. All you need is a creative and imaginative mind and you can turn an ordinary bedroom into something unique and eye-catching. If you are not used in mixing and matching furniture, then you could buy those that come in sets. For bedroom pieces, there are several contemporary bedroom sets available in stores near you or go shop online.

For single individuals like you, you do not have to buy those bedroom sets that are difficult to maintain and clean. Go for simple but chic pieces that match your busy and modern lifestyle. Avoid wicker furniture items for your home and bedroom, since they need regular cleaning. Go for the hardwood and dark pieces.

The most important furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Your bed must not only be stylish but it must be comfortable. Beds can have different sizes depending on your choice. You could go for the king or queen sizes, etc. Most modern beds have a Zen look. Zen-inspired look does not have bright colors, but it has a fusion of black, white and gray colors.

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A modern bedroom must have a cabinet for storage. Your cabinet must not only be useful and functional but at the same time accentuate your bedroom. It can be made of plain hardwood or with glass. Colors can be black, white or natural.

A bed must have a nightstand. It provides the table for a lampshade or for lighting. You can have one or two nightstands. It will be best to have two nightstands, one each for the right and left the side of the bed. A nightstand has drawers for your additional storage.

Your bedroom needs an ultra-modern and sleek dresser. The dresser is the bedroom’s final piece. Dressers are mostly made of wood but it can have maroon, black, or dark brown colors. Dressers can be used for storage for beauty essentials or clothes and for important documents. It provides elegance to a bedroom and at the same time, it is very functional.

Buying individually those furniture pieces above can be easy for some if they have good styling and designing abilities. But someone like you, who do not have the mixing and matching talent, needs some expert advice and buy furniture items that come in sets. You could buy a modern bedroom sets almost anywhere. Just make sure that what you are buying must not only be pleasurable to the eyes but at the same time, it will give you comfort and peaceful rest at night.

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