Bathroom Themes Unique_35
Bathroom Themes Unique_35

Bathroom Themes Unique

The bathroom is commonly one of the dullest rooms in the home beside the laundry room. We believe that a few random pictures and color on the wall is sufficient. It might be for some individuals – but why wouldn’t you wish to do something more? Why not be imaginative and transform it into an artistic bathroom.

In order to implement this look, you need to think outside of the box. Use things that you may never have believed would look good inside of a bathroom. Nothing speaks art more than a painting. Select different paintings that all have a general theme that they share. Select anything from abstract to photographs of people. You can even replace the mirror with a blackboard that says something like “you look great!” on it.

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Something that I love to see within a bathroom is stained glass windows. It is great to have some kind of natural light coming in – but numerous of us obscure it with a heavy curtain or blinds to keep their privacy. When utilizing stained glass you are allowing some of the light to stream in but you are not sacrificing your privacy.

It is always good to have a mirror in the bathroom. It is what I utilize when I get ready every morning and to be sure I look presentable. Buy a dozen or more small mirrors to hand on one of the walls. The mirrors may be various shapes and styles to give it a more unique aspect. Don’t put them in any uniform order.

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When creating an artsy bathroom on a tight budget the best thing you will have the ability to utilize are wall decals. You will be able to use either vinyl or wallpaper decals and produce a beautiful design around the room or on just one wall. Pick Out scenery, random designs, or outlines of people.

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