Organization Ideas for the Home

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Organization Ideas for the Home_50

Organization Ideas for the Home

Organization Ideas for the Home. There was a time when I didn’t keep my home organized. I didn’t have dedicated areas for my stuff and eventually clutter and dust started to gather to my corners.

Every time I cleaned and organized my home, I felt good inside. However I was still very unorganized person and I procrastinated a lot with home organization and decluttering.

When things changed
Eventually my life changed. I lose weight and started to get more organized than before. I became interested in personal development in general. This happened sometime during the spring 2007.

I like to keep things simple and clean. I felt that when keeping my home organized, it gave more self confidence. Also, I felt being aligned better with my new inner values (living healthy and exercising) when I had an organized home.

How did I get started?
I had a simple plan that I executed. I went through my home, closet by closet and found all the unnecessary stuff that I didn’t need anymore. All the extra clothes that I didn’t wear I donated.

I wasn’t in a hurry to do the organization and in order not to overwhelm myself with the tasks, I proceeded bit by bit. I took the longer route, but I made steady progress every week. Finally I completed going through all my stuff and I felt relieved.

I didn’t have that much of fancy equipment to get started. Just some empty boxes and plastic bags. Later I bought a label maker, which became one my favorite organizational tools. With those simple tools alone, I managed to do my organization and for the most parts, they are the tools I use nowadays as well.

Where am I now?

It s 2010 now and I haven t gave up on my organization. I m constantly improving the organization of my home, but instead of being reactive to clutter, I tend to work in a proactive manner instead. By keeping the stuff where they belong and just focusing on the essentials, I m able to keep my household organized and easy to use.

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