50+ Mediterranean Living Room Decor Interior Design_55
50+ Mediterranean Living Room Decor Interior Design_55

50+ Mediterranean Living Room Decor Interior Design

50+ Mediterranean Living Room Decor Interior Design. The countries that influence Mediterranean style decorating include Greece, Spain, and Italy. All of these countries are well known for their natural, earth colors and decorative accessories which are placed throughout the home.

Mediterranean homes are warm and inviting. They are colorful and textured and you can picture the kitchens uncluttered with pots of herbs growing on the windowsill. Even if herbs are not growing in the windowsills, the walls are covered with pictures of them and the scent of Mediterranean cooking always fills the air. A Mediterranean home is a happy, family orientated home and it is no wonder that so many people in America are looking to create a Mediterranean theme within their own homes.

What a Mediterranean Theme Home Consists of

If you are truly going to create a Mediterranean themed home then you need to have the right accessories to do so. Ideally, they will be from the Mediterranean countries themselves such as pottery with various designs such as olives, printed onto them. You could even have a few religious relics which refer to the Vatican and a wine rack which would have the finest wines from the Mediterranean stacked up ready to be savored. All of these types of items can be used to give the old feel of the Mediterranean to any room.

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Practical and simple furniture can be used with covers to add a simplistic yet beautiful look to the room. The furniture should ideally be eye-catching yet really functional too in order to create the right type of atmosphere. You could have a touch of velvet on the chairs or elegant and stylish cushions on the sofa. All of the furniture and decorations which you add to a Mediterranean style room will be colorful and warm.

One particular feature which you will need to have in any Mediterranean styled home is tile. Whether you use tiles in the bathroom, the kitchen or even on the floors, Mediterranean homes use tiles to keep the home feeling cooler and to add a sense of simple style to the room too. Mosaic tiles are particularly favored and they are used mainly for their art rather than for practicality. It allows you to add texture to the walls or the floors and it can really help to finish off the Mediterranean look too.

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Overall a Mediterranean style home is one which is colorful and welcoming and it resembles art more than practicality. It is a pleasure to live in a Mediterranean style home and so if you haven’t yet thought about creating a Mediterranean theme in your home, you might want to consider it now.

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