50+ Purple Interior Design Bedroom_20
50+ Purple Interior Design Bedroom_20

50+ Purple Interior Design Bedroom

50+ Purple Interior Design Bedroom. As human beings, sleep is very important. A bedroom is a place where most importantly we go to relax and a comfortable bed can make all the difference. Since the 4th century, BC raised beds have been used in a similar form to the ones we use today. First introduced for the use of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the luxury of such a bed is now considered a basic necessity and a wide choice of styles and designs are available, from traditional brass beds to minimalistic solid wood-frame beds, to steel-frame modern design bunk beds, with integrated stairs, slide and even desk. The mattresses we sleep on today and probably take for granted are a far cry from those of earlier civilizations.

The Romans populous would have had to endure rather an itchy night’s sleep, experimenting with stuffing such as hay and straw. The elite, however, benefited from the comfort of such innovations as an early water bed design which found a resurgence of popularity, (in a modernized form) thousands of years later, in the 1960s. The first pocket sprung mattresses were first seen just under a century ago and since then, the advancement of technology has meant a great deal of improvement for a comfortable night’s sleep. Many people now opt for memory foam mattresses, and those with allergies opt out of duck feather stuffing, previously deemed luxurious, in favor of micro-down, for its hypo-allergenic and malleable properties.

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Long before mattresses, people would sleep on the floor or on hay. To keep warm at nights, people used bedding, though not in the form we see today. Instead of blankets and duvets, bedding would at first have consisted of animal skins and natural fibers such as wool. In medieval times, the use of rich fabrics such as velvet became popular for the aristocracy. The Tudors slept on hay and straw but added comfort through the use of silk brocade then later cotton, discovered by Columbus in the 15th century and first spun in England in 1730. Cotton is to this day the most popular bedding cover: durable, soft and an excellent fabric for dying.

Not only practical, but a bed and all the soft furnishings involved are also now a major industry, the bedding a person chooses can say a lot about the personality, just as clothes they wear. The color scheme in a room may suggest its use and create an ambiance: a white room with white furnishings, as opted for famously by John Lennon in New York, creates a quiet space, clean, bright and uncluttered, a room painted black might express angst, a floral room with patchwork quilt and frilly valance will give a traditional, cottage industry feel, whilst a purple bedroom with rich jewel colors and scatter cushions will denote sensuality and luxury.

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In Roman times, the purple fabric was a symbol of wealth as the dye itself was expensive and highly sought after. Senior magistrates would wear togas bordered with purple whilst Emperors including the great Caesar are known to have worn the ‘toga picta’, a solid purple robe which is where we get the expression ‘to don the purple’ when a leader assumes his role as leader. The purple fabric still holds that certain connotation of luxury and a purple bedroom would be a symbol of decadence as much then as it is now.

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