Beautiful Grey Upholstered Bed Decor Color Schemes_28
Beautiful Grey Upholstered Bed Decor Color Schemes_28

Beautiful Grey Upholstered Bed Decor Color Schemes

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Beautiful Grey Upholstered Bed Decor Color Schemes

A Grey Bedroom Is Far From Boring

Beautiful grey upholstered bed decor color schemes. When many think of grey, an image of a cloudy rainy day emerges and glumness spills in. The thought of putting grey into a bedroom make create these images or the image of a very masculine bedroom with little in the way of soft furnishings and a lot of hard-edged bedroom furniture. However, this article will show that grey is a great color to have when used in the right way.

The key with grey is to choose to use it as you would for any other type of neutral color, such as magnolia or cream. There is no need to be fearful of it, as it is neutral and will sit well in any room of the house. Not only that, it is a very practical color and if you follow the latest trends you will notice it is the ‘in’ color to go with. Read also: 50+ Awesome Grey and Yellow Bedroom Ideas

As stated previously, grey often conjures up a masculine type room, but with the use of shape, motifs, and contrasting colors, you can even create a bedroom fit for a boutique hotel. One of the key pieces is sleek bedroom furniture, with wardrobes and drawers all matching, they must always be in either a lighter color or darker color than the grey you are using.

Ensure your bedstead is a smartly tailored affair, the type of bed that has upholstery on the bedstead, this will soften the impact of the bedroom furniture and also give the grey a soft area to reflect from. The bed linen should be a mixture of grey tones, but the key here is to put in a shocking color, such as hot pink, this will bring life into the bed and the contrasting tones will elevate the bedroom into a sophisticated area of the home.

Make use of accessories to make the shocking contrasting color you are using explode. You could have candles, flowers or even an alarm clock, to set off the look. Don’t forget about using texture, as this will bring life to the masculine quality of the grey. By using soft fleeces or cashmere and wool for the cushions and the throws, it will give more depth to the design of your room. Read also: 40+ Blush Bedroom Decor Rose Gold

Grey is not boring, it is a fantastic color to have in a bedroom and will compliment any home, just a few tweaks here and there and you can see why it is the color of the moment.

RT Coleman is an experienced interior designer and likes to offer advice on the best way of choosing furniture for the home. She likes to incorporate the outside and the inside of a home and she currently works alongside a bedroom furniture retailer.

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