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60+ Natural Light Home Sunlight Sun_54

60+ Natural Light Home Sunlight Sun

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60+ Natural Light Home Sunlight Sun

60+ Natural Light Home Sunlight Sun. How much of natural light are you able to take advantage of at your home? Depending on which part of the world you live, you will receive varying quantities of natural daylight and it is up to you to harness this to your advantage. Construction of homes should be done in such a way so as to make the maximum of natural light that travels into your house.

The advantages of natural lighting are many. Apart from the health benefits that such a light offers you by way of solar energy, you could also reduce the use of electricity thereby not only reducing your energy bills but also contributing to the overall environment by helping the resources from depletion, as these are used to create electricity. Read also: 30+ Modern Dining Room Lighting Ideas

As you prepare yourself to build a house, there a few things that you need to keep in mind as far harnessing the light is concerned. The first thing is the direction of your house. Homes facing north have a better advantage as far as receiving such lighting is concerned, but the windows shall end up receiving a lesser amount.

Homes facing south also have a similar advantage as they receive natural light throughout the year. As far as east and west facing sides are concerned, the amount of natural light depends on the time of the day, based on sunrise and sunset.

As far as locations of windows are concerned, in order to receive maximum natural light, these should be placed on south walls. The position of the windows will affect the light that enters your home. The higher the window the farther back direct sunlight will reach in the room. Lastly, think about the shape of your window, are they could be either rectangle, oval, square, broad or narrow. Each type of window allows different levels of sunlight to enter at different times of day and different times of the year. Read also: Outdoor LED Lighting Ideas

For example, in winters, since the sun is much lower to the horizon, vertical windows on a South facing wall would help bring natural light into your interior. Another important tool for harnessing sunlight is the skylight dome. These are placed centrally and are in a dome shape and hence are able to capture sunlight from all directions.

They provide centralized lighting which helps to illuminate the entire house by way of equal distribution. The only disadvantage of such lighting is that it tends to hit the house directly and hence ill effects of UV radiation can be a possible hazard.

Another aspect is the way you design your interiors. Bright colors on your walls can light up the interiors which shall reflect the natural light that you are able to utilize. Use gloss paints for better reflection. Also, curtains made of translucent fabrics can help the light to pass through more easily.

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