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50+ Apartment One Room Layout

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50+ Apartment One Room Layout

About One Room Apartment

50+ Apartment One Room Layout. A studio apartment is a mini apartment with a living room that is combined with a bedroom and dining area. Some may even have a kitchen. The larger studio apartment rentals will have a small kitchen. Studio apartment rentals in other countries like some European countries, Japan, and South Korea are smaller than the ones found in the United States. Ones in this country are approximately twenty-five to forty-five square meters with an alcove or L-shaped studio where the central room bounces off. Inside the smaller alcove, there is an area for dining or sleeping. In Japan, these are referred to as a one-room mansion.


When looking at rental homes look at a top view layout of the space you will have. Mark the different areas and what purpose they will serve. Because of the limited space in studio apartments, you need to see if your bed will fit in the area designated for sleeping. If the bed will not fit, you may have to get a different size. One preferred choice is the futon that can be made into a couch during the day. Read also: 50+ Home Decor Ideas Apartment

Pros of studio apartment rentals

• Being such a small area maintaining and decorating the apartment will be easier.
• You will need to vacuum one room
• You will need to keep the items in the kitchen in a tidy, neat condition especially if is a small separate kitchen.
• Being so small you will be living in the apartment alone making the possibility of cluttering and cleaning less.
• The utility bills will be lower

Cons of studio apartment rentals

If you do not manage the small space in apartment correctly, you can run into problems such as:

• When friends or family stay overnight, space could be inadequate or compromised. You will have to watch where you step so you do not step on anyone.
• If your living room is cluttered or a mess you cannot shoo away the visitor on your doorstep because they can already see into your apartment.

With the limited space you may not have room for all the furniture you have. If you have furniture that you cannot fit into your studio apartment you will have to store it. Read also: 50+ Small Living Room Ideas for Apartment

In conclusion

These places are ideal for a single person that is going to college, one who travels for their job and will not be home that often and the elderly. Look at several studio apartment rentals to find one that fits your needs.

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