50+ Basement Ideas on A Budget Finished_40
50+ Basement Ideas on A Budget Finished_40

50+ Basement Ideas on A Budget Finished

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50+ Basement Ideas on A Budget Finished

50+ Basement Ideas on A Budget Finished. Is your basement just a wasted space in your house? You might be using it for storage, laundry, or it might be just a place that no one ever goes or talks about. Spooky. Read: 25+ Home Decor on a Budget

Well, dust out those cobwebbed corners, because here is a great basement idea that you and your teenagers will love! Turn your basement into a cool new hangout. Here are some great tips and ideas to do just that.

Clean up the basement

For this great basement idea, start by getting all your stuff out of the basement. Sell it, burn it, or stuff it all in the attic. You need to have your basement completely cleared so you will be able to work.

Having a fresh working space will help you implement this great basement idea, and incorporate your own personal tastes and ideas as well.

Spice up the paint

Use some really fresh colors on the walls to brighten the basement up and give it life. Choose what ever colors make you feel the best. A creative idea would be to check out some local arcades, and see what kind of paints they have on their walls.

After all, this is going to be a cool hangout, and that is an effective way to get some creative ideas. Slap your awesome color on, and you are ready for the next step.

Add carpet

No one likes a hard cold floor, so get some nice thick carpet or at least some large rugs to place on the floor. For this great basement idea, carpet is really the best option, so that no matter where you are in the room you can roam around in your bare feet comfortably.

Furnish the Basement

Lets make this fun basement idea even better by adding some really great furnishings. Try some comfy chairs and a sofa. If you do not have much room, you can get some beanbag chairs, or maybe even a futon. This is also great if you ever need to double this ‘hangout’ into a guest bedroom.

You can find some really cool furniture in thrift stores to keep from spending a lot of money. This is a very good choice if teenagers and kids will be hanging out in your basement on a regular basis.

Add some great amenities

There are some really cool things you can add to this fun basement idea to make it even greater. One nice idea is to purchase a dorm-sized refrigerator and stock it with soft drinks and snacks.

Another thing you can do is add a small microwave so that while everyone is having a good time, you can easily microwave a small pizza or a bag of popcorn.

Add a pool table for fun if you can. This is a great place to have a pool table, because the noise won’t carry into the rest of the house. You can place a stereo in the basement for entertainment and fun.

This basement idea will be a big hit for adults and teenagers both. Games, food and an area that is just for fun is a great idea. You can use your creativity to come up with other interesting things that you can do to make your basement idea unique.

Don’t just have ‘wasted space’ anymore. Use this fun basement idea to turn your basement from boring to amazing!

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