Carriage House Garage Plans Design_18
Carriage House Garage Plans Design_18

Carriage House Garage Plans Design

If you are looking to build a new home, you know the importance of having a good house plan before you embark on your project. Even before you meet an architect to discuss your ideas, you would typically have a good plan of how you want your new home to be, how many floors it should have, the driveway, the size of the garden and so on. There may also be certain other structures that you would need to add to your plan depending on personal taste and requirements.

Nowadays, in addition to people choosing to build modern houses, some others choose to build a few structures that are traditional and would remind them of the good old days. One such structure would be a carriage house. Whether it is merely for show, or you live in the countryside and need extra space, you would always need to have good house plans before you start building.

Although carriage houses were typically used to store carriages, this is not the reason why they are used today. Today, you could park one or more cars in your carriage house and they are used as a garage. However, they are very useful because the floors above the garage can be used for various purposes as ideally your house plans would stipulate that the carriage house would be detached from the main structure of your home if you wish it to be this way. Alternatively, you could also have house plans where you would live on the upper floor of the carriage house and use the garage for parking your cars. This is a great option if you are looking to save costs with regard to your building.

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Today carriage houses are no longer old-fashioned. They come in different styles and are often elegantly designed to look like a modern home. When considering your carriage house plans you could choose to have just one floor above or have the house leveled. Typically the apartment above the garages would need to be decided on based on square feet. Remember to be specific and precise about the area of the upper floors of your house in your house plan. If you do not wish to live above the garage, this area can be used as a studio or even as an office. It is always best if you have a clear idea of what you want to use the area above for before you start drawing out your carriage house plans.

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A good architect will always come up with the perfect house plans, incorporating all that you desire into it, to give it a good stylish finish. You would, however, need to do some research on your own, and check out pictures of carriage houses before you finalize your house plans.

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