50+ Ideas for Decorating Old Windows_34
50+ Ideas for Decorating Old Windows_34

50+ Ideas for Decorating Old Windows

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50+ Ideas for Decorating Old Windows

Ideas for Decorating Old Windows

You might be so tired of the old window that you would rather strip the walls of the ancient windows that look like they belong in a history book. Did you know that you can decorate the old windows as ornaments for your wall? Old windows work well for the trendy Antique look if it is fixed, painted or altered. 50+ Christmas Interior Decor Ideas

Consider using pictures on the panels. You can use small picture frames all around the window frame to display family photographs beautifully. Weaving faux foliage along the frame will give your room a natural green appearance. Find some kind of green leafy foliage such as grapevine or ivy that could stick to the frame. The green leaves will create a relaxed ambiance in the room.

You can simply renovate the window frame. If you have a wooden frame, then sand it and give a fresh splash of varnish. This quick renovation will give the wooden frame a renewed look and lovely glossy finish that will look good as new.

Hanging small vases and potted plants creates more space around the house. The window frame is also a great place to start a herb garden. Herbs don’t require a lot of space so using the window frame is perfect for this project. Plus the greenery will create a fresh natural look.

Installing a blackboard along the frame is a creative way to leave notes or draw patterns. You can draw chalk floral patterns and a month later you could draw geometric patterns. Whatever you fancy. Or if this window is in the kitchen you could list of chores or things to do. Not only is it a neater list but it also decorates the window.
A window sill works the best as a shelf for the inside of your house. You can place a pretty ornament at your window but you will also have a miniature shelf to store other decorations that don’t have a place.
A unique key hanger is another item you could turn the frame into. This might require a bit more handy work but the results will look stunning and unique.

Lastly, you could create a pot rack out of this window frame. Glue some hooks onto the wood and let it dry. After it is completely dry you can start saving space in your drawers by hanging up those pots. If you want to change the color of the frame, make sure you paint it before you stick the hooks.
There is always a way to repurpose old windows and wooden front doors into a tasteful and elegant way. All you have to do is research your favorite styles and learn the tutorials to create a unique indoor style for you and your family. 50+ tropical home decorating Ideas

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