50+ container house ideas_52
50+ container house ideas_52

50+ Container House Ideas

The heat trends of shipping container homes meet much designs desires simple living, reducing chaos, being environmentally conscious, building homes with budget and the opportunity to do something truly modern and different that keeps your neighbor’s drops from falling.

But there is a practical aspect to stay at home delivery containers. Your house is flame retardant and maintenance is low. You can stay in a container home almost anywhere, and lock it when you are away.

Even better, smaller container houses can move with you. Container shipping houses can be modular: you can accumulate two or three or more as needed.

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The shipping containers are made of steel and are built to withstand the weather, heavy buildup and sea travel. While their age can easily become 30 years old, most shipping companies use it much less before putting it into a meadow. The typical container lifetime is 10 years or less.

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