50+ Home Theater Room Ideas_19
50+ Home Theater Room Ideas_19

50+ Home Theater Room Ideas

Start by determining the overall theme that will be used for your home theater design. Do you want to have a general cinematic feel? Then select a wall decor that represents the making of a movie, such as a roll of large film and clapperboard. If you have a favorite movie genre, find some posters from your top movies and highlight them in a simple frame.

Hang some colored velvet curtains on one or more walls for a luxurious look that is identical to home cinema, and add some spotlights that lead to the wall for subtle but stunning lighting. No home cinema can actually do without popcorn, but adding your own concession is an easy way to make sure it’s always nearby.

On a small scale, you can add table or bar cabinets with mini-fridge, candy drawer, and microwave. If you choose a larger investment, go with a complete built-in home bar, complete with your favorite drink and barware. To mimic a true concession, use a glass panel cabinet, a free-standing popcorn maker, and a soda fountain machine. Check out other home theater shots for more fun and functional decorations.

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The type of seat you add to the room depends on your overall budget and the level of authenticity you want. If you are looking for a true movie experience, seating at the stadium is a must. Add platforms and ladders to your home theater design to mimic the levels, and use leather seats as a comfortable replica of theater seats. For a cheaper approach, use the same armchair but avoid a few levels, or opt for deep interior and seating.

If you do not want your typical couch and chair, look at the seats that are specially designed for home theaters. Often include features like snack and cup lid and lying ability, so you’ll feel like stepping into your local cinema. In addition, consider serving people who like to eat and watch at the same time, adding unique home theater ideas such as bar counters.

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